c.1971 Raleigh Record

This was my first vintage ten speed. I paid too much for it. When I bought it the wheels wouldn't even roll. Once I got most of the components freed up I took it for a spin. I kept getting hit in the face with crud and discovered the frame was full of ants. As I was riding they were falling out of the head tube, bouncing off of the tire into my face.
At the time I knew nothing about riding or fixing bikes. This one taught me almost everything there is to know. It cleaned up nicely and was featured on OTG in September of last year. I was hooked on them after that. I will always miss this one.

Frame: Raleigh Hi-Ten (Carlton Factory England)
Rims: 32 Spoke Steel
Tires: 27"
Shift levers: Huret
Front Derailleur: Huret
Rear Derailleur: Huret
Saddle: Brooks B72