1992 Schwinn Paramount PDG Series 7

Picked up this Schwinn Paramount last week. Saved is probably a better way to say it. It looked like it had spent some time sitting out of doors. It is a 1992 PDG Series 7. It was full of mud and dead spiders. There was also bird crap on the saddle. This weekend I stripped off every cog, bearing, bolt, you name it, and cleaned, greased, and re-assembled it.  Turned into a great bike! Still needs a few minor things like new bar tape. Eventually may need to be stripped and powder-coated (sadly has a bit of rust).

Here are some updated images. Finished adding the final touches. Fortunately I was able to save the paint job too. The rust was easily removed with a bit of wet sanding on the clear coat. Only some scratches remain. You can also see the rough condition it was in from the before and after images.

This image accurately shows the color of the paint and logos.
I know... very 90's. I had a Hypercolor shirt in this same color scheme.


Frame: Tange Butted CR-MO (OS is for "over sized" tubing)
Fork: Tange Butted CR-MO
Hubs: Shimano 600
Rims: Wolber 28 Spoke Front / 32 Spoke Rear
Tires: 700c x28
Shift levers: Shimano Flight Deck
Front Derailleur: Shimano 600
Rear Derailleur: Shimano 600
Crank: Shimano 600
Gears: 53X42 & 12-21
Pedals: Shimano SPD
Chain: Narrow
Brake Calipers: Shimano 600 (Dual Pivot)
Brake Levers: Shimano Flight Deck
Quill Stem: PDG Chromoly 130mm (Not Pictured)
Handle Bars: 3TTT Criterium
Saddle: Vetta
Seat Post: PDG Light Alloy
Original Weight N/A
Current Weight 23lbs

Surface corrosion on the downtube

Before and after of the bottom bracket

Grimy components