30 Essential Bike Tools

These are thirty bike tools I use on a regular basis and what I use them for. Keep in mind the type of bikes I work on are generally older. If you work on newer bikes (post 1980's) your needs may differ slightly.
Warning: Some of these items may be obvious.

1. Pliers - uses vary
2. Vise Grips - for when I don't have the correct tool (also great at mangling nice parts)
3. Digital Calipers - when it comes to bike parts .01mm is the difference between fitting or not
4. Adjustable Wrench - for when it's not metric or standard
5. Chain Cleaner - a clean chain is just behind inflated tires when it comes to essential maintenance
6. Gloves - have saved pounds of skin from being lost
7. Spoke Wrenches - for truing wheels and replacing spoke nipples
8. Box End Bottom Bracket Tool - for removing older cup and cone style bottom brackets
9. Tire Levers - the more of these, the easier it is to pry the tire off a rim (super inexpensive)
10. Chain Break Tool - for removing links or removing a chain that does not have a master link
11. Chain Whip - for holding sprockets in place or tightening a threaded freewheel (best named tool)
12. Crank Puller - great invention, threads into the crank and pushes it off of the spindle
13. Allen Key Sets (metric & standard) - the newer the bike the more you'll need these v.s. wrenches
14. Combination Headset & Pedal Wrench - for pedal and headset removal and installation
15. Small/Flat Combination Wrench - great for getting into tight areas
16. Bottom Bracket Remover - removes most sealed bottom brackets
17. Freewheel Removers - come in a variety of sizes and shapes for removing non-cassette type freewheels
18. #10 Allen Key - for removing cassette type freewheel hub bodies
19. File - I use mine mostly for making chain ring nuts shorter
20. Spanner Wrench - for adjusting cup and cone bearings
21. Saddle Wrench - for adjusting the tension on leather saddles
22. Large C-Clamp - I use it for removing the cotter pins on older cranksets
23. Lockring Wrench - for removing and installing lockrings on Bottom Brackets or Sprockets
24. Large/Flat Combination Wrenches - must have to get proper tension on cup and cone bearings
25. Chainring Tool - for tightening chainring bolts
26. Adjustable Spanners - for holding cups in place when installing a lockring
27. Exacto Knife - uses vary
28. Toothbrush - to scrub where you can't
29. Assorted Screwdrivers - great for older bikes in general and for adjusting derailluers on new and old bikes
30. Metric Wrench Set - 15mm through 7mm should get you through most projects