2016 Juiced Cross Current

Unfortunately this bike was stolen in Santa Monica, CA last week. The serial no. is 192821504440068

After a recent injury I purchased my first e-bike. It is also the first new non-vintage bicycle I've ever owned. I ended up choosing a Cross Current from Juiced Bikes mainly based on it's power and price. This being a new model I have found very little information on it from actual owners. After commuting on it for the last few weeks I thought I would point out some quick pros & cons.

Power - This bike is fast, hauls plenty of cargo, and easily climbs steep hills. The bike has no throttle. Instead your pedaling works as the accelerator, as you push harder and faster on the pedals the motor will increase it's output. You can go incredibly fast with very little effort. No need for blood doping before work anymore.

Range - The battery life can vary greatly depending on terrain and speed. It claims an average of 20 miles. That range can easily be doubled on flat paved terrain at a lower assist level. My commute is a short 4 miles round trip with several steep long hills. I usually find myself recharging every 16 miles, but have yet to run the battery completely flat.

Quality - The Cross Current is sturdy and lightweight overall. My large size with the rack and other small accessories weighs 55lbs. considering the suspension fork, motor, and battery pack that's pretty light.
The aluminum frame itself leaves a some minor things to be desired:
- No bosses anywhere that would allow you to add a bottle cage, pump etc.
- The welds are sturdy but not pretty
- The wire routing is a little unfinished, lots of zip-ties used
The components are not top of the line but are reliable and function crisply. Mine was equipped with the following components:
Shifting - Shimano Alivio 9X1
Brakes - Tektro Durado levers, and disc brakes
Suspension - SR Suntour NEX with lock out