1974 Raleigh Sports

When I first acquired this bike it was covered in several pounds of galvanized bolt-ons for cheap accessories like reflectors, frame pump, etc. It had been splattered with white latex paint, and sadly the original Brooks B72 Saddle was too dry rotted to save. 
The frame, fenders, cranks, & handle bars remain original. Everything else has been upgraded with a mix of vintage & modern components. 

Frame: Raleigh 20-30 High Carbon Tubing
Fork: Raleigh (Steel)
Hubs: SRAM Automatix 2 Speed
Front Quick Release: Huret Luxe Wingnuts
Rims: SunRims CR18 (Alloy)
Tires: Schwalbe 26x1.5
Crank: Raleigh
Pedals: Raleigh
Quill Stem: Raleigh Vintage Grand Cru Style
Handle Bars: North Road Raleigh (Steel)
Saddle: Gyes (Leather)
Current Weight 32.0lbs