c.1974 Raleigh Record DL.130 Part II

The restoration of the c.1974 Raleigh Record went quickly. I was able to use all of the existing parts or had the replacements already available. This is the second Record I have owned. The the other one was my first restoration and my introduction to vintage 10 speeds. After fixing it up I took it on a test ride. I never really appreciated the ride of these frames since with my first I had nothing to compare it with. I consider it a heavy weight at 30lbs., but it lazily glides over rough surfaces and bumps. The slack geometry feels super stable on down hills too. It makes for a great city bike. You can see the condition it was in before, here in Part I.

This is box full of dead weight parts that were stripped off of the frame. I know what you are wondering... "Do I actually own an EZ Tofu Press, or is that just a box?". Matter of fact I do own one. It was an awesome gift from my wife. She informed me that the selling point was "No more stacking books!". If this is a problem in your daily life I highly recommend picking one up, or dropping hints around your birthday.